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To facilitate the industrial sector, potential reserves are known

to exist in North Tapanuli. Like for instance diatomaceous earth

200 million tons, lime - stone 100 million tons, mica 20 million tons

graphite 67,5 tons and zeolites 1,5 million tons. Besides the above,

26 other minerals - exact output unknown, such as iron ore, coal,

gold and silver. Also thermal springs in Pahae Jae District exploited

by Pertamina in joint cooperation with Unocal.






As seen from Hutabarat village, magnificent views over Situmandi

river, rice fields, dwelling houses and mount (dolok) Martimbang

(1,500 meters) in the background. River Situmandi, after flowing

10 kilometers, it discharges into the indian Ocean some 66 km

west of Tarutung.